NSCB Resolution No. 1, S. 1992 “Creating the Regional Statistical Coordination Committees” provides that the RSCCs shall be created in the regions by the NSCB to provide direction and guidance to regional/local statistical development activities.  In Regions I to XII, they shall be placed under the administrative supervision of the RDCs.

Composition (NSCB Res. No. 1 s. 1992, Art. II)

The members of the RSCC shall be the 1) Regional Director of DBM, 2) Prov’l Agricultural Statistical Officer in the Regional Center, Bureau of Agricultural Statistics; 3) Representative of NSCB; 4) Regional Director of DILG, Regional Director of DOLE; 5) Prov’l Planning and Dev’t Coordinator in the regional center; 6) City/Municipal Planning and Dev’t Coordinator in the regional center; 7) Two private sector representatives to be identified by the Committee’s government representatives.

Each member agency/office shall designate a permanent alternate to its representative to the RSCC in order to ensure continuity of agency participation (NSCB Memo Cir. 01-92).

Other agencies may be involved in RSCC activities through memberships in the task forces to be created by the RSCC and/or invited to attend RSCC meetings.

Officers of the RSCC

Chairman shall be the NEDA Regional Director.  The Co-Chairman shall be the Regional census Officer.


The NSCB has designated the NEDA Region III to serve as the Secretariat of RSCC III.  As Secretariat its responsibilities shall be:

a)   Provide technical and secretariat services to the Committee and the technical subcommittees and/or task forces;

b)   Coordinate activities of the technical subcommittees and/or task forces.



a)   Oversee the implementation in the regions of policy decisions made by the NSCB and the adoption of prescribed statistical standard methodologies and classification systems.

b)   Institute measures to strengthen the statistical capability in the regions by resolving problems and issues peculiar to the area within the context of national statistical policies and setting priority on the statistical activities thereby ensuring the timely production of useful and reliable data for regional/local development planning and decision-making.

c)   Elevate statistical matters not specific to the region and its provinces to the NSCB Executive Board through the RDC.

d)   Create inter-agency statistical task forces that could attend to technical issues and problems and to supervise the activities of these task forces.

e)   Meet at least once a quarter at such date, time and place it may decide.

f)    Submit periodic reports to the NSCB and to the RDCs of statistical development activities in the regions.


a)   Review and approve the work program of the RSCC.

b)   Take measures to ensure the implementation of the work program of the RSCC.


a)   Formulate guidelines on statistical coordination at the sub-national level.

b)   Apprise regularly the RSCC and the RDC of statistical policies made by the NSCB.

c)   Monitor progress of the RSCC and make recommendations for improving the operations of the RSCC.

d)   Resolve issues raised by the RSCC.