The 4.5 kilometer Pantabangan-Canili Bypass Road located in Pantabangan, Nueva will soon be completed and opened this 2022. The picturesque bypass which includes three bridges was inspected by the Regional Project Monitoring Committee last March 17, 2022.


According to DPWH 3, it was built primarily to provide an all-weather road to different kinds of motor vehicles travelling to and from the two areas including transferring the transportation in the existing Canili-Alfonso Castañeda road to this new highway. NIA, who manages said road will no longer allow vehicles to use it once the new bypass road is fully completed.


The project started in 2012 involving originally five phases. As of 31 December 2021, Phase I up to Phase V have already been finished. The project has an actual cost at PHP570 million. There is a surplus of more than PHP200 million from the cost projected by DPWH 3 earlier.


Another phase, Phase VI, was introduced by the agency with estimated cost of PHP105 million. Phase VI involves the completion of protection works and bridge no. 3. The agency intends to launch the girders and beams of bridge 3 in April 2022.

(Mark Anthony M. Sagun, NEDA 3-PMED)

Map showing the complete alignment of the bypass road including the three proposed bridges

Aerial shot of one of the bridges completed (bridge 2)