The Philippine Constitution (1987)

Article X of the 1987 Constitution, Section 14

The President shall create regional development councils (RDCs) and other similar bodies composed of local government officials, regional heads of departments and other government offices and representatives from non-governmental organizations within the regions.

Rules and Regulations on the Reorganization of the Regional Development Councils Implementing Executive Order No. 325

The Regional Development Council, hereinafter referred to as the Council, shall be the primary institution in the region which shall set the direction of economic and social development of the region and through which regional development efforts shall be coordinated. The Council is being organized and strengthened to make them more effective institutions in the regions responsible for ensuring sustainable, participatory and equitable development.

Other Legal Issuances:

1. Administrative Order No. 148 Reconstituting the Membership of the NEDA Board
2. Executive Order No. 562 Reinstating the Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of the Interior and Local Government and Department of Health as Members of the Regional Development Council
3. Executive Order No. 325 Reorganization of the Regional Development Councils (Repealing Executive Order No. 308, series of 1987, as amended by Executive Order Nos. 318, (s. of 1998), 347 (s. of 1989), 366 (s. of 1989), 455 (s. of 1991) and 505 (s. of 1992)
4. Administrative Order No. 92 Providing Specific Periods for the Review by Regional Development Councils of Infrastructure and Other Sectoral Programs amending for this Purpose Section 2 Subparagraph b (v) of Executive Order No. 308 (1987), as amended
5. Memorandum No. 54 Strengthening the Regional Development Council Function on the Review and Endorsement of the National Government’s Budget and for Other Purposes
6. Proclamation No. 1164 Declaring the Fourth Week of September of Every Year as Regional Development Council Week