EO 325 IRR Section J.3 provides that the Council shall create an Advisory Committee to advise, assist and support the Council in discharging its functions.

Composition (EO 325 IRR Section J.3)

The composition of the Advisory Committee shall include the members of the House of Representatives who have signified their intention to join and the members of the Executive Committee.

Officers (EO 325 IRR Section G)

The Chairman, the Co-Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and the Secretary of the RDC shall also serve as the ex-officio Chairman, Co-Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Advisory Committee.

Functions and Responsibilities

The Advisory Committee shall have the following specific functions:

a)   Advise in the preparation of the Regional Development Plan and the Regional Development Investment Programs and support their implementation (EO 325 IRR Section J.3);

b)   Advise agency regional offices, state colleges and universities and special development authorities in the preparation of their annual budgets (EO 325 IRR Section J.3);

c)   Advise and support policy recommendations that need legislation and/or action of the President or the Cabinet (EO 325 IRR Section J.3);

d)   Advise, assist and support the RDC in discharging its function (1997 RDC III Handbook); and,

e)   Strengthen the coordinative and consultative mechanisms in the region to ensure a sustainable, participatory and equitable development (1997 RDC III Handbook).