The Council shall create an Executive Committee to act on matters that require immediate attention for and on behalf of the RDC when it is not in session (EO 325, Section 6). The decision of the Executive Committee is binding until otherwise revoked by the Council. Hence, all decisions of the ExCom shall be presented for confirmation to the Full Council (1997 RDC Handbook).

Composition of the Executive Committee (EO 325 IRR Section J.1)

The Executive Committee shall comprise one-fourth of the total membership of the fully constituted Council, the membership to be determined by the Council, provided that it shall include only the regular RDC members. Provided further that all Sectoral committee chairmen created under Section 7 of EO 325 shall automatically become members of the Executive Committee.


The Chairman, the Co-Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and the Secretary of the RDC shall also serve as the ex-officio Chairman, Co-Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Executive Committee.

Functions and Responsibilities

EO 325 IRR Sec. J provides that the Council shall determine the functions of the EXCOM. These are the following (1997 RDC III Handbook):

a. It shall act on all matters requiring the decision of the Council.
b. It shall determine the agenda of the RDC meeting; and,
c. It shall report to the Council all decisions it made.