E.O. 93 Amending E.O. 376 s. 1989 “Establishing the Regional Project Monitoring & Evaluation System (RPMES)” and For Other Purposes dated 1st June 1993 provides that “A Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RPMC) shall be established under the RDC in addition to the Project Monitoring Committees (PMCs) created through Memorandum Order No. 175, as amended, and/or the Local Government Code of 1991”.


The members of the RPMC shall be the DILG, PMS/OP and three (3) NGO/PO representatives, at least one (1) of whom shall be drawn from the NGO representatives in the Regional Development Council (RDC)


The NEDA and DBM Regional Directors shall act as Chairman and Co-Chairman, respectively, of the RPMC.


The NEDA Regional Office shall serve as the Secretariat of the RPMC.



a)   Supervise and coordinate activities of the RPMC.

b)   Assess problems encountered in project implementation and provide remedial action possible at their levels or refer problems/issues to appropriate units or next higher development council.

c)   Evaluate the implementation of projects and derive lessons for future planning and project implementation.

d)   Provide policy direction in planning and budget allocation based on the overall status of project implementation.

e)   Report on the status of project implementation to appropriate bodies (President, Cabinet, Congress, etc.) for information or action.

f)   Inform the RPMC of action taken on problems deferred to appropriate units (i.e., Cabinet, OP).

g)   Disseminate information to the media, general public the status of project implementation in the respective areas of coverage.


a)   Provide list of projects to be monitored to NGOs involved in project monitoring.

b)   Collect and process reports of implementers and NGO monitors on the status of project implementation for the development council and next higher level project monitoring committee.

c)   Pinpoint problems, verify information and recommend remedial measures to be submitted for analysis and action of the development council.

d)   Provide feedback on the remedial actions of the development council and follow-up their implementation.

e)   Prepare and disseminate periodic (monthly or quarterly) project monitoring reports on the status of project implementation.

f)   Elevate to higher level bodies problems/issues which are not resolved at their level.