The Regional Project Monitoring Committee 3 (RPMC3) inspected the Almacen River Improvement Project in Hermosa and Orani, Bataan last 11 May 2022. Representatives from NEDA, DILG, OP PMS, DBM, AFP 7th Infantry Division, 522 ECB ,and the private sector conducted the project inspection.

The project will address the flooding of communities in Hermosa and Orani along the Almacen River  The severe siltation of the Almacen River causes the water to overflow, thereby  flooding the areas near the river.

The project is which is being implemented by the Department of Public Works and Highways Region 3 covers 9.17 kilometers of the Almacen River.   Project components include dredging and widening of the river, installation of geotextile tubes, and construction of slope protection along the upper portion of the river.  With the dredging and waterway improvement, flood waters will be diverted from the surrounding villages.

RPMC conducted the field inspection because the project should have been completed in 2019. However, right of way problems caused the delay said DPWH.   

Physical accomplishment was reported at 95.51 percent. Some works were suspended since February 2022 due to right of way issues.