The Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RPMC) 3 conducted field visit and inspection of three vital flood control projects implemented by the Department of Public Works and Highways – Unified Project Management Office – Flood Control Management Cluster on 15 September 2022.

The first project inspected was the “Construction of Groundsills across Pasig-Potrero River at the Downstream of Mancatian Bridge” in Porac, Pampanga. The project is 100 percent completed. This project was identified in the 2019 study conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency. The groundsills will stabilize the river’s channel and prevent the continued degradation of the bridge’s foundation. The bridge connects Barangay Mancatian with the rest of Porac town.

The second project visited was the “Flood/Lahar Control Works in Pasig-Potrero River and Pasac Delta Area”. It aims to resolve the frequent rehabilitation of spillway no. 3 at the transverse dike of the Pasig-Potrero River. The DPWH is constructing a dike that will divert 80 percent of Pasig-Potrero’s water/lahar to spillway no. 1, reducing water/lahar flow to only 20 percent in spillway no. 3. As of now, some works are suspended due to a right of way (ROW) issue.  The RPMC 3 will conduct a problem-solving session with the stakeholders to resolve the issue.

As of 22 August 2022, actual accomplishment was 95.2 percent with 4.8 percent slippage. DPWH said that the dike will eventually serve as access road from Bacolor to Porac.

Lastly, the RPMC 3 visited the recently completed project, “Flood control works in Abacan river, and diking and slope protection works in Mexico, Pampanga”. The project’s cost reached around PhP720 million, the bulk of which was mainly spent in the construction of the 9.9-kilometer slope protection works (4.97 km. on both sides) of the river. The objective of the project is to help protect lives and minimize damage to properties due to perennial flooding. The project will also be proposed later as an access road from Mexico to Angeles City.

(Mark Anthony M. Sagun, NEDA 3-PMED)

Photo shows the degraded foundation of Mancatian bridge
together with the left and right groundsills

Aerial shot of the partly finished diversion dike

Part of the 9.9 kilometer protection works of Abacan river in Mexico town